Chiropractic care for a pregnant mother is essential. A mother’s nervous system controls the organs that now support both the mother and baby and is also responsible for the correct development of her growing baby, so it is imperative that her nervous system be working properly. Chiropractic care removes interference in the nervous system by correcting spinal misalignments, called subluxations, and helps to ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy also helps to maintain balance within the mother’s pelvis. There are many structural changes and adaptations that happen during pregnancy, and those changes increase the likelihood of imbalance within the pelvis. Pelvic imbalances can decrease the overall space within the pelvis, negatively affecting the development of the baby’s spine and cranium, and can preventing the baby from being in the best possible position for labor and delivery.

Studies have shown that women who receive regular chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy actually had a reduced amount of complications and decreased labor and delivery time. One particular technique that Dr. Amanda uses in her office, called the Webster Technique, uses adjustments and soft tissue mobilization to remove intrauterine constraint, often allowing the baby to get into the optimal position for birth, resulting in a safer and easier delivery. All pregnant women and their babies benefit from regular chiropractic care.